Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Carnival like the one I had. A very calm Carnival, far away from any crowd, specially the drunk zombie hordes that haunts the region that I live locking its citizens into its own apocalypse. Anyway, today we have an interesting news to Voxel Section Editor III. Back in August, 2019, Kerbiter did release a fork of the program with support to import assets from MagickaVoxel. It originally could replace the current voxel section contents with the image from MagickaVoxel or create a new section out of it.

In the last 24 hours, I've added support for it at the official version of VXLSE III and made my tweaks, also allowing to start new models from MagickaVoxel images. The picture below is how this File -> Import -> Image from MagickaVoxel looks like. If is there any of you, who are much more skilled than I am with graphics, willing to give a help, we can improve what we have so far:

You can download the latest beta version of Voxel Section Editor 3 here. You must be connected to the internet to run it for the first time, if it is a new installation. The source code is available at PPM SVN.

TheChosenEvilOne, a member of C&C Mod Haven Discord channel, has been working recently on a fork of Goxel (originally made by guillaumechereau), which is a free open source volumetric model editor.  Unlike the original version of the program, TheChosenEvilOne's version can load and edit .vxl file format from Westwood Studios. It can also use the Westwood palettes as well, at least few of them loads by default. Here's a picture of the program taken by tomsons26:

If you are as skilled as tomsons26, you can make some good edits of Westwood voxels, like the demo truck below:

Anyway, here's the changelog from TheChosenEvilOne's fork so far:

### Added
- Normal rendering, loading and writing. (TheChosenEvilOne)
- Cross section editing. (TheChosenEvilOne)
- Palette picker. (TheChosenEvilOne)
- "Game View" ortho camera option. (tomsons26)
- Importing palettes from vxls during import is now an option. (TheChosenEvilOne)
- "New" image button. (TheChosenEvilOne)
- Shortcuts for changing palette index. (Not set by default) (TheChosenEvilOne)
- RA2 palettes uniturb, unitsno and a fully grey palette "Grey Palette". (TheChosenEvilOne)

### Fixed
- Fuzzy select works now. (TheChosenEvilOne)

### Changes
- Moving the camera using arrow keys is now slightly slower. (tomsons26)
- Default material and render settings now fit better. (tomsons26)

Goxel can be downloaded here, however, due to the unreliability of this link, I've taken the opportunity to mirror it at PPM. Have fun and happy voxelling!

Shattered Paradise has released a huge patch that will improve the multiplayer experience and skirmishes vs the A.I. There are also new maps being added and older maps that received some fixes! The full changelog can be read here.

Visual Assets:
- Fire weapons: Fixed a bug when a non-humanoid unit (Fiend, Reclaimer, Abductor, Scrin infantry except Shapeshifter and Legionnaire) killed by a fire weapon (this includes laser fence), they simply disappeared
- Swarmling: Fixed a bug that creates FLAMEGUY when killed by fire weapons

- OpenGL errors: Fixed a bug where a few players were not able to start SP anymore. Engine was updated.
- Aircraft Detection Circle: Fixed a bug where it was not centered around the ground but around the unit
- Deploy: Fixed an issue where units like Marauders deploy twice when shift deploying
- Devil’s Tongue: No longer can attack buildings while staying underground/invulnerable
- Drone Pit: Drones no longer leash out too far, aka they travel the whole map to chase a unit. Fixed a bug when selling the pit while attacking the Drones woildn't vanish. Changed them to land vertically
- Scrin: Fixed a bug where Essence does not target any Scrin unit but rather stays and disappears

- Deleted Snow Nitro
- Deleted Speedboost.lua in memes map folder
- Added Isotropolis
- Added Wrecktropolis 8 Player Version

Global Changes:
- APWarhead: Damage vs InfantryArmor from 10% to 25%;
- Scrin Hover: Adjusted some odd values vs Razor Sharks
- Blue Tib-Fuel Barrel: Added explosive description in world tooltip
- Crates: Reduced chance of getting a Nuke out of a crate by a lot
Appearance rate from 60% to 1% (including fake nukes)

- Tunnel Network: Cost from $500 to $300
- Tiberian Bull: Fixed tooltip; Cost from $700 to $500; Movementspeed from 95 to 105; VehicleArmor: 35 ? 60; DefenseArmor: 35 ? 60.
- Ravager: Cost from $1200 to $1100; Damage vs InfantryArmor from 125% to 150%; Can Selfheal now.
- Meditation Hall: Fixed tooltip issue

- Drone Host: Increased attack range from 10c0 to 15c0; Increased speed of the projectile from 200 to 300.
- Sentry Drone: HP from 5000 to 7500; Attackspeed from 60 to 40

You can download the latest version here.

If you haven't heard about Shattered Paradise before, here's a video of an older version of the game to get familiar with:

For further information about this mod, visit its forums at PPM, and its Discord Channel. Have fun!

No Life Studios has released a new version of  Zero Hour Reborn v7 Alpha 0.2. Despite the odd jokes posted at their ModDB Profile, it comes with a lengthy changelog. Any feedback at at their Discord Channel will be welcomed and comments here will also be welcomed as well.

Here's the changelog:

Known Issues:
- Generals Challenge does not work
- China Artillery Gen Tremor SW will stop firing when it's asked to force fire
- Demo trap not detonating (have not tested this, maybe it works now)

General Changes:
- Fixed a bug where the Loading Screen image was mapped incorrectly
- Added back Tactical Analysis
- Removed Buttons and Command Sets that are no longer used to imporve game stability

All USA:
- Fixed a bug where Spy Sat didn't work
- Fixed a bug where Spy Drone "initial scan" didn't work
- Removed unused faction specific Spy Drone objects
- Spy Drone is now selectable, and can be moved
- Removed Marine Upgrades from USA Factions that no longer have Marines
- Reorganized USA Barracks command set
- Remade how Burton's Ion Cannon Beacon works

USA Rogue:
- Fixed bug where Repair Drone was building the wrong defences
- Added new model for Laser Fence courtesy of NProject Mod
- Reorganized Dozer command set
- Reorganized Repair Drone command set

- Added new name and portrait
- Added the WALL defense, replace the EMP Patriot and the Laser Turret
- Tomahawk Battery now requires a Strategy Center before it can be built
- Reorganized Dozer command set

USA Assault:
- Reorganized Dozer command set
- Fixed hotkey conflict between Advanced CFR and Supply Center
- Fixed hotkey conflict between marine commands (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Attack Move)
- Added new sound effect for Marine Shotgun
- Marine Shotgun now uses sniper damage, to make it more different from their Assault Rifle
- Fixed but where Marines launched Grenades from their feet

USA Helicopter:
- New Model and Cameo for Helipad courtesy of Operation Firestorm
- Helicopters built from the Helipad will now follow the Helipad's waypoint
- Fixed bug where Combat Chinook was unbuildable

All China:
- Nationalism, Patriotism, and Subliminal Messaging now provide +15% damage, instead of +25% RoF
- Adjusted Gattling Tank Weapon RoF so that it properly hits max speed when under a speaker tower
- Adjusted Minigunner Weapon RoF so that it properly hits max speed when under a speaker tower and horde bonus
- Removed Officer Promotion (for now)
- Fixed Helix Art codes
- Reorganized Barracks command set

China Rogue:
- Double Gattling Tank can now attack ground and air targets seperately
- Updated Officer codes to match EMP and Napalm's
- Fixed bug where Super Overlord was not affected by Heat Rounds upgrade

China CiC:
- Updated Officer codes to match EMP and Napalm's

China Artillery:
- Removed Artillery Overlord
- Added Assault Troop Crawler (it'll be removed from China CiC eventually)
- Added Minigunner (ditto)
- Updated Officer codes to match EMP and Napalm's

All GLA:
- Fixed a bug where Radar Van Scan didn't work
- Fixed Officer Cameo
- Reorganized Barracks command sets
- Anthrax bomb now benefits from Anthrax Gamma

GLA Dictator:
- Fixed hotkey conflict between Republic Guard commans (AK-47, Attack Move, Target Air)
- Added new General's portrait

GLA Rogue:
- Fixed missing strings for Stealth Supply Truck Upgrade
- Added new model for Rocket Quad

GLA Terror:
- Added Officer
- Added Hijacker
- Added Saboteur

GLA Hijack:
- Added Saboteur
- Rebel Ambush now correctly spawns his own Rebels instead of regular Rebels

For more information about this mod, visit its ModDB Profile and download it here.

If you follow the latest 3 or 4 news of this site, you might be wondering if it is actually a mod related site. But yes, it is. And we will resume posting about mods. Today's news is about Command & Conquer Red Alert History, which brings the best of Red Alert's universe for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, following the point of view from Madin.

In the middle of the last month, Madin has posted screenshots featuring the Allied Weather Control Device. It was still work in progress at the time he posted since he still needed to work on some graphic effects.

And here's a charged version of the beast:

And for those wondering about how the action is looking like in this version of the mod, he has also posted a video showing a "War on Terror". I guess it is a war on terror drones.

And that's it for now. For further information about Command & Conquer: Red Alert History, visit its forums at PPM. Version 7 of the mod is downloadable at ModDB.

In the last news about Warcraft 3 in this site, we have mentioned that Blizzard was not refunding users who bought the remasterization of Warcraft 3 known as Warcraft 3: Reforged. Some users who tried to explain others how to get a refund were even suspended from Battle.Net.

Internet outrages may do some differences sometimes. This one has gone a bit far, including a fan-made site called Warcraft 3: Refunded explaining all the reasons why users should ask for a refund. Anyway, few hours ago, Blizzard seem to have changed its policy for the better. They now allow refunds, regardless of the time you have spent playing the game. All you need to do is to open a ticket at this link.

We hope that Blizzard also rethinks other policies like a certain absurd known as Custom Game Acceptable Use Policy. We'll make a news post about it soon explaining all the reasons why such policy is absurd and won't be taken seriously here.

Today, Jim Vessella, producer of the upcoming Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 Remaster, has posted an update covering some of the multiplayer online aspects of the game.

It is definitely a part of both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 that will be revamped, with options to chose the starting locations, AI/Player type slot and even support for replays. The games will be hosted at the Petroglyph servers. Here's what he said on reddit:

Jim Vessella wrote:
Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and their New Year is off to a positive start. For those of us on the Remaster project, we’ve been hard at work over the past two months since our last update. In terms of development progress, we just completed our Content Alpha milestone. This is a huge moment for the project, as it means there are no longer any legacy / placeholder pieces of content in the game. Every frame of animation, every tile of terrain, every second of audio, and every piece of UI has received a remastered pass. This allows us to play both games in a completely remastered fashion, and identify areas we’d like to continue polishing based on feedback from the team, colleagues, and the community.

Now, since the announcement of the project, many of you have been asking how Multiplayer will function in the Remaster. So for this update, we wanted to take a deep dive into the components of Multiplayer and describe how we’re approaching this beloved part of the game.

At a high level, Multiplayer has effectively been rebuilt for the Remaster. Starting with the backend, Multiplayer now runs on dedicated servers based on Petroglyph’s architecture, with a goal of providing reliable connections and prevent misbehavior. We’ve been playing multiplayer games for several months with our QA teams around the world, and feeling confident about the stability the architecture is providing. Now let’s jump into the actual modes and features.

When navigating to the Online portion of the menus, players will first have the ability to host or join custom multiplayer games. Once players join a game lobby, they can choose their team setup, select maps, and set game rules. In terms of rules, we’re aiming to support the most relevant multiplayer options, from starting resources and units to flagging Crates or Visceroids. (Yes, the Visceroid has also been remastered and is as weird as ever) We’re then looking into some additional options based on guidance from the Community Council. You can also chat with other players in the game lobby, and ensure you get the perfect setup for your custom game.

Alongside custom games is the introduction of 1v1 Quickmatch for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert™. Quickmatch will focus on competitive play and utilize an Elo-based matchmaking algorithm. Games will pull from a filtered map pool with set game rules to reduce luck and randomness (For example, no Crates in Quickmatch). To highlight the results, 1v1 Quickmatch will be supported by an in-game leaderboard to track a player’s wins, losses, and points. We’re looking forward to watching the most competitive players go head-to-head and see who can become the top ranking commander in each game. I fondly remember being one of the best C&C3 players in the world for about 2 hours when the game launched, only to be quickly humiliated when competitive players began to learn the game, haha.

In a further effort to help modernize the online play experience, we’re also introducing replays into the Remaster. Players will be able to watch replays from their custom and quickmatch games, and we’re currently iterating on the available controls within the replay system itself. In conjunction with the replay system is the addition of Observer mode into both games. Through the Observer mode, players can spectate on live games in-progress (with a small time delay), which we hope will be a valuable tool for shoutcasters and viewers alike.

There are then several other multiplayer oriented features which have been requested by the community over the past year. We’re in the process of evaluating these features and will aim to share more in the months ahead. As always, please continue to provide your comments in the thread below.

As you all know, 2020 is the 25th year anniversary of Command & Conquer. We expect this to be an exciting year for C&C, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with all of you.


Jim Vessella


And here's a preview:

So, do you like it? Share your comments with us.